Raphael Ndolo

Founder & Lead Coach, Megatrend Africa

From an Electrical Engineer to a Human Mind Engineer and a Business Systems Enthusiast!

“You can be dedicated to fitting in or you can become devoted to changing the World; But you can’t be both”. This line from Robin Sharma stirred the core of my soul back in 2006. Deep inside me I strongly felt I belonged to the latter; a change maker yet I didn’t know how then. From a very young age, I knew I was a maverick and questioned almost every status quo.

Life got a completely new meaning from one early morning of the New Year Eve of 2006 as I got out of car wreckage following a fatal road accident. Life gave me another chance! I was more than determined to hack the true meaning of life and live my life to the fullest. Deep down, I had a strong feeling that there was more to life than just a good formal education and a promising career (Both of which I had then).

In the process of seeking more meaning of life, the entire game of my life changed the moment I learnt of the true power of Mindfulness and Entrepreneurship as crucial drivers of human development world over yet hidden from majority of mankind.


My educational background has complemented my pursuit of my life purpose with critical knowledge, skills and global exposure. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, a Master of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and am currently a PhD scholar in Entrepreneurship focused on developing models for optimizing and systemizing technology transfer and diffusion in businesses for accelerated growth. I am also a graduate of Harvard Business School ManageMentor Programme and the Swedish Institute Management Programme.

My engineering background tuned my mind to insatiable learning and systemizing all solutions to problems to guarantee consistency and efficacy as well as ease of replication. The greatest discovery was when I learnt that great minds work with systems too; powerful mental systems.

Scientific and replicable principles and techniques that help them achieve what they want in life.  I couldn’t help but delve in and study the science and engineering behind the ever powerful human mind; Knowledge, skills and techniques I vowed to share with the world.

I have trekked through the path of personal awakening for over 10 years now hacking the secrets of the successful few and then building complete systems that would help others achieve success much easier irrespective of where they are in life or what they do for life.

My purpose and passion is to build businesses that innovate on transformational tools and systems geared towards empowering individuals and business unleash their fullest potential and be legendary while making the world better for all.