Your Legendary Life Design System

Your Legendary Life Design System is an intense, comprehensive and highly personalized programme that shows you how to and helps you create, design and package your best and legendary life; helps you activate your highest life and manifest with certainty, your design into reality so that you can start living NOW a more meaningful, more fulfilling, more progressive, happier and more funful life with a balanced and extraordinary success.

We deliver this transformational programme through seminars, workshops, one-on-one coaching, online- engagements, and individual activities and workloads. The programme runs for 6 months and is offered only twice in a calendar year.

A quick peek of this programme: .

The programme has 5 phases which build on each other; systematically and strategically modeling and equipping you with everything you need to know and have to unleash your highest self and the legend you.

What is unique about this programme is that, while each phase has its ultimate deliverable, the processes of achieving the deliverables are invaluable because they are designed to shape, model, build and graduate you into the kind of person that you first need to become for you to unleash the legend you. So, as you work towards achieving these key deliverables, you are also working on yourself!  You will also love how everything about making yourself a legend has been made easy and simplified for you by our Legendary Life Design System.

Easy and simplified? Yes!….this is how this system works. It uncovers your true and highest life purpose; gets you to design your best and legendary life around this purpose, packages your life into ‘Your Legendary Life Manual’; and from there, all you have to do is to ‘pour’ this manual into the ‘Transmuter System’ and there you go! You activate your legendary life right now and with a lot of ease, continue to manifest everything else into reality as each day you live your legendary life and engage only in premium activities that build you up towards the legend you. And guess what? While on this journey, the system refuels you and keeps you on track for a definite meet up with the legend you!

So what’s in each phase of the programme?
Phase 1

Uncover your highest life purpose; the anchor to your more meaningful...

Phase #1: Uncover your highest life purpose; the anchor to your more meaningful, more fulfilling, happier and extraordinary life

This is the phase where we work with you to uncover your highest life purpose- beyond doubt! And model you into the kind of person that you first need to become for you to confidently raise up and walk your life path.

We use our powerful, tested and reliable step-by-step system for uncovering your highest life purpose and by the end of this phase you have your true and highest life purpose clearly stated and framed accordingly on paper.

We know you can uncover your life purpose by yourself, and perhaps you already have. But is it your true and highest life purpose? If so, what kind of a person have you become by just going through the process of discovering it?

So, by just going through this phase and by using our system, you will:

  • Discover and learn to use the most powerful techniques and tools to getting all the answers and solutions you want
  • Learn how to reset your mind with a lot of ease to achieve mental serenity and clarity regardless of whatever situation you are in
  • Meet your other-and-highest self ‘in person’
  • Learn the exact language that the subconscious mind understands to manifest all your goals with ease and certainty
  • Make the #1 mindset shift you need to confidently step into your very own world and live life in your own terms
  • Break bondage from social conditions and beliefs that have robbed you of your highest life and true world all this time
  • Learn how to leverage on your ‘Unfair Advantage’ to confidently create the kind of lifestyle you desire
  • Realign yourself with your true life path that will set you apart from others and put you on your unique lane to extraordinary living
  • Develop a clearly defined perimeter within which you can uniquely and easily impact the world positively and earn your ‘deserved glory’
  • Fall in love with yourself more and appreciate yourself even more
  • Be empowered to confidently live your highest life purpose
Phase 2

Create and design your best life that makes you a true legend of living...

Phase #2: Create and design your best life that makes you a true legend of living

Now that you’ve uncovered your ultimate life purpose, you must go ahead and create and design your best life around this purpose. And this is exactly what we help you do in this phase.
We share with you everything you need to know and then show you exactly how to create your best life and design it in a way that certainly makes you a true legend.
If you’re concerned that creating and designing your legendary life is a ton of work for you, then you’re in for a treat… you’re going to love this phase because we have really made it so easy and simple for you through among others; our templates, worksheets, and our system for creating and designing your legendary life!
When you are done with this phase; you will have your legendary life design well crafted!

And, in the process of going through this phase, you will:
  • Discover the rightful ingredients and order in which to build your legendary life so that your success becomes definite
  • Strategically declutter your life so that you are left to focus only on the premium activities that build up towards your legendary life
  • Learn the 17 most critical areas of your life that you must address in order to experience true happiness for the rest of your life
  • Learn the science of articulating and framing your life design that the subconscious mind accepts and understands for a precise manifestation
  • Establish and understand with deeper clarity the ‘premium gaps’ in your life and how to close them with ease and speed
Phase 3

Legendary life design packaging...

Phase #3: Legendary life design packaging: An organized and simplified process of packaging your legendary life blueprint that acts as your guiding manual to your extraordinary life

In this phase we show you how to and get you package your legendary life design such that it becomes easier, faster, efficient and more fun to manifest it into physical reality.

This is where you develop your ‘life’s manual’ and you are going to love how easy we make it for you to do this, with our step-by-step templates that are easy to fill in.

When you are done with this phase; you will have your legendary life design or your ‘life’s manual’ comprehensively packaged!

And, in the process of going through this phase, you will:

  • Skyrocket your confidence and self-esteem; the epicenter of any significant achievement in life
  • Develop the 3 wheels of super achievement that will make you unstoppable
  • Discover 4 techniques for fastening the manifestation of your design; and for making your achievements definite and more fun
  • Master your life with deeper clarity so that you are able to continually and accordingly align yourself with ease for abundance
  • Eliminate the vampires that rob you of your wealth and your health too
  • Learn and apply the #1 skill of life that you were never taught in all your years of schooling- ‘How to Think’
  • Join the minority less than 1% who get all odds stacked to their favour and life becomes predictable and fun
Phase 4

Activate your legendary life now...

Phase#4: Activate your legendary life now: The Transmuter System for activating your legendary life now and converting it into physical reality

So now that you’ve created, designed and even packaged your legendary life design, it’s time to hit the ground running! By now, you are adequately prepared for the race, but you have to get smarter: you need to make it easier, faster, more efficient and more fun to manifest your design into reality and of course with certainty! You need a system- and that’s exactly what we give you!
This is perhaps the most interesting and exciting phase of this programme! It is when you get to use our Transmuter System to activate and convert your design into physical reality so that you can start living now your legendary life and continue working on everything else to bring it to reality.
So here, we extensively and intensely engage you and show you exactly how to use our proven and reliable system; The Transmuter system to activate now and manifest your legendary life.
When you are done with this phase, you will have activated your legendary life and every day you will be working to make everything else a reality.

So, by going through this phase you will also:

  • Learn how to communicate and command your subconscious mind to manifest all your desires
  • Discover the most important piece of self-talk that you need to adopt so that you can put yourself in the way of becoming a legend
  • Break through the inner blocks that are holding you back from confidently unleashing the legend in you
  • Reprogram your mind so that success to you becomes certain and that you stop repelling the very things you wish for and desire
  • Build a reservoir of positive energies within you and learn how to project the highest level of positive energies at all times
  • Develop a contagious flare within you that pulls people to you, makes people want to work with you and for you to bring about your desired reality, and enriches your relationships and support system
  • Develop the discipline required to stick on long enough, focus and see your design manifest
Phase 5

Get There! Use our legendary life ‘GPS’...

Phase#5: Get There! Use our legendary life ‘GPS’ for refueling and keeping you on track to your definite meet-up with the Legend you

Now that you have taken off, you need a compass system to guide you through! You need to pay close attention to the synchronicities of the universe’s operations and the execution of your life design, collect feedback and act accordingly.

You need to know where you are at any point in time and of course get alerts as to when you are off track. And because your legendary life design is not written on stone, you need to know when and how to adjust course so that you make your arrival definite.

So in this phase, we coach and guide you on how to do all these and much more. We make it easy for you with our dependable tracking tool; ‘The Legendary Life GPS’.

In this phase, you will also:

  • Be able to define and detail what success truly means to YOU
  • Become a master of yourself such that you not only render competition and copying other people irrelevant, but also make other people’s limiting opinions immaterial as you compete only with yourself and benchmark against your highest self
  • Develop and strengthen your inner eyes so that you are not only a step ahead of events at all times but also able to spot at a far and map out your success accelerators
  • Simplify your ‘ride’ so that you are not only left to laser-focus on ‘the next big thing’ but also enjoy and have real fun with the journey
  • You have a dash board that shows you where exactly you are in your life, what actions to reinforce and which to tone down if not elimination as you build the legend in you
  • Enhance your decision-making muscle such that the quality of your decisions is heightened
By joining this programme you will receive 3 special bonuses that will enrich your legendary life journey:

BONUS #1: Vaporize the inner blocks that are holding you back from stepping into your biggest life…

Kshs 2,497 (24.7$)

This is an audio content that we have specifically packaged to help you break through the fears, worries, doubts, and other limiting beliefs and perceived limitations that are holding you back from stepping into your biggest life.

BONUS #2: The Ultimate Life Master VIP Community

Kshs 232,000 (2300$)

Its a premium community of inspired and empowered masterminds operating their lives from a point of heightened consciousness

BONUS #3: Free Ticket to One of our Premium Events

As a special bonus, we shall serve you with a free ticket to one of our premium events. Every year we hold funful and transformational events that reinforce your success mindset, accelerate your achievements as well as heighten awareness on living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. The events converges cutting-edge technology, techniques, principles and tools in personal development with an aim of accelerating human achievement for a better humanity and world at large. These events present wonderful platforms and opportunities to enhance your business and personal networks too. They are events like no other!