The Platinum Business Mastermind (PBM) Community.

Hi There!

You are in business and you probably started out with Vision, ambition and confidence and you knew clearly what your WHY was.

How Is Your ‘Why’ Doing These Days?

As Business Owner or Leader, you can’t be everywhere at once, and you can’t know everything you need to know – but it’s still on you, to navigate performance, growth, leadership, direction and profit. Since you’re mostly alone at the top, you simply don’t have the time to maintain relationships and connections, or Networks of people. So you miss out on everything.

Which means…

You need an easy way to get reconnected to your Why. A way to be inspired again with your own vision, the reasons why you got into business in the first place. You need a place to gain valuable knowledge and grow your skills, inside a trusted environment of the right mindset. You need the structures to make better judgements for achieving better outcomes. You need to connect with peers who care about your Why as much as you do. You need this Mastermind.

“If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness” LES BROWN

 “Business is a Team Sport”— GARY BRENNEMAN

Why Peer To Peer Problem Solving Is 300% Better Than Going It Alone

In Platinum Business Mastermind, Peers can trust each other for insight, which only happens because members understand they are among Peers who add value. Peers qualified by experience and intellect have a much broader perspective and higher motivation, than any single hired gun who does not belong inside the collective circle.

The PBM promotes collaboration. It solves collective group problems and some very specific challenges posted by Members seeking input – and that can only happen in an environment of equality.

Which means…

You need a way to connect with people, to challenge yourself consistently over time, and to think bigger. This Mastermind frees you to collaborate under advisement whenever necessary, and manifest success, by giving creative input to a wider community of people who matter to you. You need to meet smarter people with better connections. You need to sharpen your wits and “play a bigger game”.

The Community meets in different ways on different levels

  1. General Interest meetings and focus discussions in a Secret Facebook Group.
  2. General Interest training, guests, subject matter discussions, open and closed mic round tables on GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting, Zoom and Skype.
  3. Offline events, retreats, and Chapters.

Therefore once a member of the inner circle:
…It’s about keeping showing up
…It’s about going to give
…It’s about delivering what you say
…It’s about over delivering and therefore impressing people
…It’s about offering great counsel when you can, or suggesting someone who you know can help them more
…It’s about creating a track record
…It’s about having a great time socially (even if it’s online before it becomes offline)
…It’s about having fun
…It’s about becoming prepared so that you are ready when opportunities come along…
Because YOU KNOW they will!

If you strongly feel this is the kind of a community you desire to belong in order to fast-track your progress to new horizons, contact our team and we shall gladly receive you in our ‘tribe’ of legends where success is created, distributed and multiplied.